Lithium batteries

Lithium battery: Verne 12.8V LiFePO4 100Ah

Verne Power 100Ah

12,8V LiFePO4

Lithium battery: Verne 12.8V LiFePO4 200Ah

Verne Power 200Ah

12,8V LiFePO4

Lithium battery: Verne 12.8V LiFePO4 300Ah

Verne Power 300Ah

12,8V LiFePO4


Lithium Batteries with LiFePO4 are safe


Our lithium batteries are inherently safe, and will not catch fire – a risk with traditional lithium-ion batteries. So you can safely sleep in your camper, boat or home.

Verne Power Lithium Batteries offer high performance

High Performance

A steady voltage even under load, the ability to quickly charge / discharge and 100% usable capacity.

Lithium Batteries with LiFePO4 are environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Verne Power lithium batteries contain no lead or acid and are 90% better than traditional lithium batteries in terms of environmental impact

Verne Power Lithium Batteries are lightweight and compact

Compact and Lightweight

Verne Power batteries are up to 5 times lighter than traditional AGM/gel or lead-acid batteries, and take up far less space.

Verne Power Lithium Batteries come with 5 year warranty

When you register in our app, we give you a full 5 year warranty on our batteries.


LiFePO4 is the best technology for lithium batteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate

LiFePO4 (or LFP) is the best battery technology that you can use for your camper, boat or any off-grid application. It’s safer (no risk of fire!) and much friendlier for the environment than lithium-ion. Compared to AGM/gel or lead-acid, it is 5 times lighter and last 10 years longer.

Verne Power Battery Management System (BMS)

Verne Power BMS

Our unique Battery Management System (BMS) is designed and built by Verne. It safeguards your battery in a worry-free way, also against charging at low temperature. As it is fully our own technology, we can easily work with manufacturers to integrate our batteries with their systems.

Verne Power App (for iOS and Android)

Verne Power App

Our app gives you full control over your battery. It shows state of charge, time to charge or discharge, temperature and many other data points. It allows you to disconnect the power for transportation, and there are configuration profiles to easily change how the battery behaves (e.g. ‘Power mode’ or ‘Battery Life’)

Discover where you can use our batteries

Our batteries are made with love for your campers, boats and homes. They are manufactured and assembled in Europe by our engineers to give you a sustainable and reliable battery supply wherever and whenever with no hassle.

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